Supervisory Board

BitArb will employ separate and independent teams of highly experienced Bitcoin Arbitrage traders, IT experts, customer care experts and finally the team that handles all operations related to our investment platform. Leaders from each of these teams group up to form a supervisory board which functions with our main board of directors and overlooks the entire operation of the company to ensure maximum stability and efficiency for you, our partner.

BitArb was built to ensure the quality of its services and of course, to provide the offered profit rates without risking our investors’ capital. Having this supervisory board regulating our activities will allow us to work under very high quality standards and provide you with a top notch environment for your investments.

The members of our supervisory board will be actively involved in strategic decisions related to our business model and have been closely monitoring our online expansion plan to make sure it was in accordance with all the legal requirements for such activities.

Supervisors coming soon:

Our supervisory board will be promptly consulted in taking day to day decisions and also will have view-only access to our reserves and trading accounts to generate reports about the stability of our business and propose new ideas when necessary.

We are in the process of interviewing new advisores interested in joining our team, and we'll share their contact information in this page within a few weeks. If you are an industry expert interested in joining our board, please send a cover letter stating your crypto arbitrage experience to [email protected]