Our team places a high value on the safety and confidentiality of our clients. We take great to ensure our reliability. Should any issues arise with the firewall, you can count on our system administration team to address it as soon as possible, as they work around the clock. There’s no need to worry about your confidential data. We take extra steps to secure and encrypt data within our data centers.

As well as providing management for digital funds, we also offer clients the latest in safety solutions. This ensures their safety is always robust. Our proactive solutions ensure the security of data is never compromised.

Safety of BitArb

We are committed to ensuring our clients are safe and secure. We work hard to solve potential problems before they can arise thanks to years of experience in the field. Our servers use state-of-the-art redundant servers and RAID strong state drives to support any kind of configuration. It’s because of this that your data is always secure. There’s no need to worry about being able to recover your data at any point.

The database is kept securely in an underground facility, where it is safeguarded against external vulnerabilities and kept safe from the outside world. BitArb uses SSL Certificates which guarantees 128-bit encryption to keep your data secure. Even older browsers support this kind of encryption, and it’s entirely backwards compatible. The reason we use SSL encryption is to ensure the security and encryption of important transactional and financial information.

We work to ensure that you continue to trust our systems and will provide you with the highest-possible level of service. Our experts work nonstop to keep your funds protected. In their time they have created a range of fool-proof measures to protect against hacking. We also have all the proper mechanisms needed to prevent DDoS attacks, which succeed or fail depending on the filtering capability of a server.

We use a powerful hardware firewall and the latest technology to ensure that traffic sent to and from the remote server is secure. Our system administrations are constantly monitoring the network for suspicious activity to ensure everything is still secure.

Safeguard Your Money with BitArb

Every member of our team has been a part of the industry for several years, and we continue to change and evolve alongside the market. The process is kept streamlined with rules and regulations in place to safeguard your digital currencies. When money is deposited with us, it is kept in remote accounts to keep it safeguarded. There’s no need to worry about potential hacks either, as we are the only ones who have information about the account.

To ensure your account is as secure as possible, our team will periodically monitor the account and inform you of anything suspicious.

Privacy Statement

BitArb ensures the safety and confidentiality of personal details, including your income. We also ensure that these details will never be shared by our platform. To learn more about BitArb, feel free to look through our privacy policy.