BitArbitrage Investment Pool

See the invisible, do the impossible

BitArb is an investment pool investing in BitCoin arbitrage trading. We have ourselves a highly-skilled team working hard each day to ensure that as much profit as possible is made and we will share a part of our daily revenue through this online portal.

BitArb will be launched between May 10th and 15th, and you are welcome to pre-register using the form on the right side of this page to be informed when we start accepting new deposits.

BitArb was originally launched as, and those who were not able to make a profit with SportArb will have their investments transferred to this new venture.

About BitArb

BitArb is an investment pool incorporated in 2017 originally under the name SportArb and after a few management changes, it was revamped into BitArb, a global venture investing in BitCoin arbitrage trading.

What do we do?

We originally invested in sports arbitrage and, after a while, moved on to our current strategy of BitCoin arbitrage trading. The platform opened an online portal at the turn of 2017, after spending over three years trading successfully online. We had our first stage online, and then company has begun the next stage of expansion, which aims to create a long-term investment pool based entirely on BitCoin trading.

We make the best of our personal and strategic relationships to earn the best paying arbitrage situations in different exchangers. We have the backing of a deep network of professional experts, with the knowledge to manage, review, and implement tried, tested, and proven systems. Our company raises funds, which it then invests in a diverse range of strategies to consistently surpass expectations.